Sunday, June 28, 2009

CFN School Champions

The CFN Network this month invited several Consortium students to act as "school champions." They'll be the eyes and ears for CFN on campus. During the year, they will provide feedback, ideas, insight and trends on what's going on in finance and in opportunities from their respective b-schools.

What companies are recruiting eagerly on campus? What are career strategies of students in this environment? What sectors of finance (banking, investing, trading, asset mgt., etc.) are students most interested in these days? How can alumni and experienced professionals best help students? How are students juggling the tough demands of coursework and recruiting? School champions will help answer these kinds of questions and more.

We'll learn more about how b-schools are "teaching" the financial crisis or restructuring finance courses to include the events of the past year or focus more on risk management. We may learn more about how schools approach the study of finance differently and how schools are preparing students for opportunities in financial institutions.

We'll see where, say, a bank recruited aggressively at one campus, but avoided another. Or where a firm is on campus, but making only a token effort to recruit. Or where one school introduces new courses that study how to strengthen the financial system or measure the impact of planned regulatory changes. We'll watch trends across all campuses to see where students are leaning, seeing opportunities or getting offers.

On campus, the school champions will also promote CFN events, projects and membership. During the year, we'll share valuable information, ideas, and tidbits from one campus with another and with CFN members.

Tracy Williams

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