Thursday, September 16, 2010

The MBA and the CFA: Part III

MBA students and graduates in finance, especially in current times when they seek an advantage of some kind, have wrestled with whether or not to pursue the CFA designation. They ask themselves: Is it worth the time, effort, costs, and uncertainty? Can it be used to propel a career? Some ask: Is there overlap with finance courses in business school? And many are now wondering: Does it make a difference in a career path? Or in pursuing a specific job spot?

The Consortium Finance Network is helping to respond to some of these questions by sponsoring a webinar, "The MBA and the CFA," October 5 from 5-6:30 p.m.

The webinar will raise these same questions and address topics related to the CFA. Most MBAs know there are three levels of exams, but what do they entail? How much preparation is necessary? How can I prepare for the CFA while in a demanding job? What topics are covered? How can an MBA student choose certain courses in business school that will help prepare for the CFA? In investment management roles, do I really need the CFA to succeed?

Charles Appeadu (above), Director of Sample Exam Development at the CFA Institute, will make a presentation, followed by questions and commentary. Appeadu was a finance professor at the Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Georgia State Univ. before joining the Institute in Charlottesville, Va. He has a Ph.D. in finance from the Univ. Washington. Not only does he have a CFA, he also has certifications in FRM (financial risk management) and CAIA (alternative investments).

Appeadu will address some of these questions. He will describe what the CFA covers and what business schools don't and tell about other topics the CFA covers in the wake of the financial crisis.

Some institutions (funds, banks or investment managers) actually require the CFA for some spots. Others are encouraging it, even if it doesn't have a direct connection to the role. Others find the CFA gives them a knowledge advantage ("oneupmanship") in traditional banking roles.

CFN members, Consortium students and alumni and others interested in finance, investments and the lure of the CFA should join the webinar.

Tracy Williams

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