Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mentor Program Kick-Off

Today the mentor committee officially launched the program by introducing mentors and mentees!

It is our hope that the program will provide for a fulfilling partnership for both mentee and mentor. The mentor committee worked hard to find commonality between mentors and mentees and it is our hope that both will discover similar interest and talents, as well as common struggles they have faced while pursuing a career in finance.

To make the most of the program we encourage teams to discuss what each member hopes to gain from the relationship and to set goals that they would like to accomplish. A mentor’s role, for instance, could range from weekly discussions with a mentee to actively helping a mentee develop leadership skills, or defining the wide range of career possibilities within the field of finance.

The following documents and sites have been created by the Consortium Finance Network to enhance the mentor program:

· Mentor Program Overview: A guide to expectations and communication based on academic and corporate recruiting calendars
· The Consortium Finance Network Guidebook 2009: A resource guide for new students which answers many frequently asked questions
· Consortium Finance Network on LinkedIn: The place for CFN news, job postings, online networking and program updates

Many thanks to all the mentors and students who have signed up to participate in the inaugural year of the mentor program. Additionally, I would like to thank Tracy Williams, Camilo Sandoval and José Calunga, who have been instrumental throughout the initial planning stages and launch of the mentor program. All of your efforts contribute to the success of the Consortium's diversity mission!

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